Hair Design


Shampoo and Blow Dry

Dazzle them with a beautiful new style.

Stylist:                          $25 (and up)

 Designer:                      $25 (and up)

Master Designer:           $27 (and up)

 Director:                       $30 (and up)

Master Director:            $32 (and up)


Special Event

Look stunning for that special event or night out. Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the style and length of hair.


Haircut & Style

Let our talented hair professionals create the look that's right for you.


Stylist:                    $38     

 Designer:                $42

Master:                   $47     

Director:                  $51

Master Director:       $53


Stylist:                      $30    

 Designer:                  $34

Master Designer:      $37  

Director:                   $40

Master Director:        $42   


Child (12 & Under)


only available with select stylist