Bridal Services

Your walk down the aisle begins at Changes Salon Spa. At  Changes, your special day is as important to us as it is to you. We have designed a variety of wonderful ways for you to look and feel beautiful as you begin your walk down the aisle. 

From bridal makeup and facials to fabulous hair-styling and manicures (got to show off that ring!) we lavish our brides-to-be from head to toe.


Here comes the beautiful bride all eyes on you....


You are the center of attention, and your face is a focal point.

Moisturizing and renewing with regular facial treatments provides a

glowing complexion and will help keep makeup looking fresh.


shall we dance...?


A moisturizing massage with warm cream lets you slip into

those Cinderella shoes with soft, pampered feet ready to dance the

night away.


show off that ring....


Supple, velvety hands and perfect nails are a must as

you greet your guests, show off your beautiful wedding ring, and

pose for those special pictures.


unveil your style...


Upswept. Long and loose. Subtle hightlights. Pre-deciding on

length and style guarantees confidence. Bring your headpiece.


the look you love...


From the elegant warm-weather bride to the sophisticated

winter princess, capture your true essence with makeup that lasts.


smooth start...


Refined and gentle for overall smoothness, softness, and

comfort for all delicate areas

Bridal Day Hair $160 Includes Required Pre-Wedding Consultation

Attendants Style $48-$80

Bridal Day Makeup $127 Includes Required Pre-wedding consultation

Attendants Makeup $56